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Amateur Radio TODAYThe South African Radio League weekly radio programme for radio amateurs, shortwave listeners and electronic hobbyists
 Tuesday 16:00

Big Picture ScienceEach week, Big Picture Science, hosted by astronomer Seth Shostak and science journalist Molly Bentley, interviews leading scientists, technology researchers, and science journalists about emerging scientific research. The one-hour themed programs offer both insight and humor to present surprising connections and new ways of thinking about science. Once a month, a Skeptic Check episode casts a critical eye on pseudoscience.
 Saturday 21:00

Bonditunes ChatMusic & Chat from Bondi Beach in Sydney, Australia
 Friday 21:00

BondiTunes PLUSMusic show from BondiTunes in Sydney
 Monday 03:00, Tuesday 23:00

Café AmericainTerry Mackley plays music from the 30s & 40s
 Monday 20:00, Wednesday 03:00

Climate ConnectionsClimate Connections is a daily public radio series produced by the Yale Center for Environmental Communication (YCEC). The series aims to help radio listeners understand how climate change is impacting our lives and what diverse people and organizations are doing to reduce the associated risks.
 Monday 17:05, Tuesday 17:05, Wednesday 17:05, Thursday 17:05, Friday 17:05

DW: Inside EuropeA weekly news magazine that explores the topical issues shaping the continent. Includes a European newscast, interviews with newsmakers and background features from correspondents throughout the region.
 Monday 12:00, Saturday 18:00

Focus Asia PacificAsia and the Pacific are the most vibrant regions in the world. No matter if you’re in Vanuatu, India, China or Burma. There are many stories to be told. PCJ Radio’s Focus Asia Pacific is a weekly news magazine bringing together some of the best news coverage from the region.
 Wednesday 10:05, Thursday 20:05

Frecuencia Al DíaFrecuencia Al Día es un espacio informativo sobre temas del mundo de los medios de comunicación, Internet, radioafición y la escucha de emisoras de onda corta.
 Saturday 16:05

HRi: Hobart Radio InternationalFrom Tasmania, Australia, shortwave news and entertainment from Down Under.
 Sunday 22:00, Thursday 16:30

Innovation NowHear the compelling stories behind the technologies, people and concepts that are shaping our future.
 Monday 22:00, Tuesday 22:05, Wednesday 22:05, Thursday 22:05, Friday 20:58

Jazz For The AskingFrom their studios in Taipei, PCJ Radio presents Jazz For The Asking
 Tuesday 21:00

Kiwi ZoneSome of the best Kiwi music from the last 40 years.
 Saturday 17:30

Media Network PlusPCJ’s weekly look at the world of communications.
 Sunday 21:00

Musique GitanGypsy and flamenco music from France, Spain, and more!
 Monday 21:05, Friday 20:05

Nick Barnes Jukebox Saturday Night (live)English singer/songwriter presents his own music programme live from Eastbourne in the UK.
 Sunday 09:00

Nick Barnes UK ChartbustersEnglish singer/songwriter Nick Barnes presents UK hits from the past.
 Wednesday 21:00, Thursday 03:00

On The WeekendTwo hours of weekend music from Mike Marwick in Scotland. Originally aired on Celtic Music Radio.
 Saturday 12:00

Planetary RadioEach week, Planetary Radio from The Planetary Society visits with a scientist, engineer, project manager, advocate or writer who can provide a unique perspective on the quest for knowledge about our solar system and beyond. We also showcase regular features that raise your space IQ while they put a smile on your face.
 Sunday 22:30, Friday 14:05

Putumayo World Music HourPutumayo World Music present an hour of the best in music from around the world. This week: Women of Jazz
 Wednesday 20:00

Radio Six: David Belcher’s Soul ShowSixty minutes of great soul music
 Tuesday 19:00

Radio Six: Love at the Movies
 Thursday 19:00

Radio Six: Nothing But The BestTony Currie with an hour of some of the best classical music ever recorded.
 Friday 19:00

Radio Six: Revival ShowFrom our studios in Northern Ireland, Kenny Tosh presents great music from the golden days of offshore radio.
 Wednesday 19:00

Radio Six: SoundwaveJohn Cavanagh with alternatives in popular music.
 Saturday 20:00

Radio Six: The Golden Age of Light MusicDavid Ades introduces some of the best light music recordings. UK Light Radio for Radio Six International.
 Sunday 20:00, Monday 19:00

Radio Six: The Lively LoungeTony Currie with an hour of the best pop instrumentals of the past half century.
 Sunday 19:00

Radio Six: Todd’s TurntableTodd Gordon introduces his personal selection of the best in music on disc with an emphasis on jazz.
 Saturday 19:00

Science and the Sea/EarthDateMarine and Earth Science podcasts
 Monday 13:58, Monday 18:58, Tuesday 13:58, Tuesday 18:58, Wednesday 13:58, Wednesday 18:58, Thursday 13:58, Thursday 18:58, Friday 13:58, Friday 18:58

Sunday BandstandJoin Chris Helme with music from the world of brass bands, from Yorkshire, Lancashire, Greater Manchester and even as far afield as the USA. From Phoenix Radio 96.7 FM in Calderdale, where it airs on Sunday, hence the name.
 Thursday 14:00, Friday 03:00

The Happy Station ShowMusic from around the world, birthday greetings, interviews, and listeners are what made the Happy Station the Happy Station. After an almost 15 year absence from shortwave, the Happy Station returns. This time as an independent production. Happy Station has a very long history with the first program airing in 1927 on Philips Radio. This continued until WW2. After the war it was on Radio Nederland from 1946 until the show was canceled in 1995. During its history the show had 4 hosts - Edward Startz, Tom Meijer, Pete Myers and the last host from the Radio Netherlands show Jonathan Groubert. The new show will have many surprises. Tom Meijer, who hosted the show for more than 20 years, will also appear from time to time in guest spots. So once again the Smiles Across the Miles are back. This Happy Station is NOT a production of Radio Netherlands Worldwide, but is produced by Keith Perron in Taiwan, primarily airing on shortwave via WRMI, Radio Miami International.
 Tuesday 03:00, Saturday 22:00

The RoadhouseThe finest blues you’ve never heard.
 Tuesday 11:00, Wednesday 23:00

The Shortwave ReportThe Shortwave Report Is a 30 minute review of news stories recorded from a shortwave radio. Times and frequencies for English-language programs are included to encourage you to listen on your own.
 Monday 16:00

The Stuph FilePop Culture, Odd News and the occasional thoughts pouring out of Peter Anthony Holder’s head.
 Wednesday 16:00

United DJs: The Station of the StarsMusic programmes from some of the world’s leadng Radio DJs.
 Sunday 00:00, Saturday 00:00

Vintage Media NetworkVintage Media Network shows from the past, presented by Jonathon Marks.
 Sunday 21:30

WhiskyCastFrom the charming, yet regrettably dry town of Haddonfield, New Jersey, Mark Gillespie presents news from the world of whisky.
 Monday 14:05, Tuesday 22:07

WIA National NewsFrom VK1WIA The Wireless Institute of Australia presents 30 minutes of news of interest to active amateurs residing in Australia and around the globe.
 Thursday 16:00

World FM OvernightMusic from our collection of world, jazz and pop/rock musc, with the latest world news hourly.
 Monday 00:00, Monday 04:00, Tuesday 00:00, Tuesday 04:00, Wednesday 00:00, Wednesday 04:00, Thursday 00:00, Thursday 04:00, Friday 00:00, Friday 05:00

World FM World Music MixA variety of music from our music library, with an emphasis on Gipsy and Flamenco.
 Sunday 08:05, Sunday 12:00, Sunday 23:00, Monday 08:05, Monday 08:32, Monday 09:05, Monday 13:05, Monday 14:45, Monday 15:05, Monday 16:30, Monday 17:07, Monday 18:07, Monday 22:02, Tuesday 08:05, Tuesday 08:32, Tuesday 09:05, Tuesday 10:05, Tuesday 12:05, Tuesday 13:05, Tuesday 14:05, Tuesday 15:05, Tuesday 17:07, Tuesday 18:07, Tuesday 20:05, Tuesday 22:50, Wednesday 08:05, Wednesday 08:32, Wednesday 09:05, Wednesday 10:35, Wednesday 12:05, Wednesday 13:05, Wednesday 14:05, Wednesday 15:05, Wednesday 17:07, Wednesday 18:07, Wednesday 22:07, Thursday 08:05, Thursday 08:32, Thursday 09:05, Thursday 10:05, Thursday 12:05, Thursday 13:05, Thursday 14:05, Thursday 17:07, Thursday 18:07, Thursday 20:35, Thursday 22:07, Friday 08:05, Friday 08:32, Friday 09:05, Friday 10:05, Friday 11:30, Friday 12:05, Friday 13:05, Friday 14:35, Friday 15:05, Friday 17:07, Friday 18:07, Friday 23:00, Saturday 08:35, Saturday 09:05, Saturday 14:00, Saturday 16:35, Saturday 23:00

World NewsThe latest world news from the Voice of America
 Sunday 08:00, Monday 08:00, Monday 09:00, Monday 13:00, Monday 14:00, Monday 15:00, Monday 17:00, Monday 18:00, Monday 21:00, Tuesday 08:00, Tuesday 09:00, Tuesday 10:00, Tuesday 12:00, Tuesday 13:00, Tuesday 14:00, Tuesday 15:00, Tuesday 17:00, Tuesday 18:00, Tuesday 20:00, Tuesday 22:00, Wednesday 08:00, Wednesday 09:00, Wednesday 10:00, Wednesday 12:00, Wednesday 13:00, Wednesday 14:00, Wednesday 15:00, Wednesday 17:00, Wednesday 18:00, Wednesday 22:00, Thursday 08:00, Thursday 09:00, Thursday 10:00, Thursday 12:00, Thursday 13:00, Thursday 17:00, Thursday 18:00, Thursday 20:00, Thursday 22:00, Friday 08:00, Friday 09:00, Friday 10:00, Friday 12:00, Friday 13:00, Friday 14:00, Friday 15:00, Friday 17:00, Friday 18:00, Friday 20:00, Saturday 08:00, Saturday 09:00, Saturday 16:00

World of RadioGlenn Hauser presents World of Radio. 30 minutes of news and information for shortwave listeners and DXers.
 Thursday 21:30, Friday 11:00, Saturday 08:05

WRIR: Ambiance Congo/The Other Black MusicFrom the studios of WRIR, Richmond Indie Radio in Richmond, Virginia, some of the best in Congolese music in Ambiance Congo (David Noyes & Fred Ambiso), alternating with The Other Black Music (Charles Williams).
 Sunday 15:00, Sunday 16:00

WRIR: The Motherland InfluenceFrom the studios of WRIR, Richmond Indie Radio in Richmond, Virginia, The Best Of African, Latin & Caribbean Music (Charles Williams & David Noyes)
 Sunday 17:00, Sunday 18:00

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